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Coping with disease or curing it?

For many, coping with disease instead of curing it is the norm.  Patients learn to live with illness and manage their pain, feeling that permanent cure is not possible. This is where speaker Chet Manchester found himself when he began to explore Christian Science. He was suffering from a back injury that resulted in a pinched nerve.  Regular visits to a chiropractor helped him cope with his pain but offered no lasting solution.

“My dad suffered with back problems all his life” Manchester says, “and my doctor told me I should expect the same.  I knew there must be another option.”  Today, he is pain free and credits Christian Science for not only healing his back but for giving him consistently good health and a deeper understanding of God.  He now practices this Science professionally and speaks about it to audiences worldwide.

“Too often, Christian Science healing is overlooked,” he says, “because it is confused with scientology or faith-healing.  It has no relation to either.  Christian Science is both deeply Christian and profoundly practical – its approach to healing is based on universal, divine laws based in the spiritual method of healing practiced by Jesus and his students.”

Chet, who is based in New York, says his talk, “Infinite Possibilities for Healing” is inspired by the pathfinding work of Mary Baker Eddy who authored the textbook on Christian Science healing, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.   Her book has been read by millions worldwide over the last century and has had a lasting influence on humanity’s understanding of spirituality and healing.  

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